Nut in a Shell


All Energy

Full of fiber, protein and healthy fats, these super-duper foods will keep you pumped all day.

Glowing Skin

Instead of dousing yourself with chemicals, a handful of Nature’s gifts will keep you looking younger for longer.


Packed with ‘good’ fats and vital vitamins, Nut-A-Day’s a delicious way to maintain a healthy heart.

Slim & Trim

Don't opt for junk food to curb hunger pangs. Choose dry fruits and nuts instead to stay fit the natural way!


There are healthier alternatives to sugar-loaded protein bars. All-natural and with none of the side effects.

Growing Goodness

It’s important to curb junk food habits. Sometimes you need to make the healthy choice for your kids.








$ 85 - 


Loaded with Vitamin A

Treasure Chest of Antioxidants

Good for Your Blood

Strengthens Your Bones

$ 12 - 


Promotes cardiac health

Modulates sugar level in diabetics

Reduces Blood Pressure

Packed with proteins

$ 35 - 


Aids weight loss

Boosts energy and immune system

Nourishes the skin

Lowers cholesterol

$ 14 - 


Heart and brain-healthy

Reduces inflammation & fights disease

Aids in improving metabolism

High on protein and fiber

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Creating a Culture of Health


Healthy Body

Today, disease affliction has increased tenfold, posing a grave threat to our all-round health and wellbeing. So, now is the time to make conscious choices and revolutionize our diets and lifestyles.

Healthy Mind

Modern-day mayhem takes its toll on the mind. Things like tension and work stress are the silent killers of today. Our selection of stress-relieving super foods takes the edge off in the most natural, organic way.

Wholesome Living

At the end of the day, you are what you eat. You can choose to be energetic, lively and refreshing. You'd want to maximize your life’s potential and live with vibrancy and a certain kind of intensity.


Regulate Vital Organs

Improve Hemoglobin Levels

Improve Immunity

Improve Brain Function

Life at Nut-A-Day


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